Stretching up high


Catch-a-balls is apple picking this week.  I know it doesn’t sound like a good catching game but really it has a great purpose.  We are trying to encourage the children to look up, reach up and take the ball at the highest point they can.  In another role I am a netball coach and as many mothers will testify those who jump and stretch up for the ball were the ones who got it.

So, with budding netball players in mind I am always keen to encourage children to reach out for the ball.  We have several activities to do this and being seasonal we try to encourage the children to go apple picking at this time of year.  So we have a plastic apple, with teeth marks in!!!, attached to a ribbon by velcro.  The adults hold the apples above the children’s heads, the children have to reach up and grab the apple with both hands and pull it off the ribbon.

Once they start to get the hang of the distance and stretching we ask the parents to move so that the child is then having to organise their feet as well.  It’s a simple but effective little game.