catch-a-balls girl with hoop

Rolling hoops


At Catch-a-balls we really enjoy working with the children to improve their hand eye co-ordination in conjunction with their movement skills.  Anyone who plays sport knows that there is always a combination of skills to be mastered in order to play well.

Something that we have found to be fun and great practice for combining skills is hoop rolling.  I suppose in some respects this is an old fashioned game that many of us will have done and certainly our parents would have rolled the hoop down the road with either our hand or a stick to propel it.

Kids find it fascinating not only to get it to stand up and move along with them, but also to watch it as it turns, looses momentum and falls to the floor.

A key trick to get children to roll the a hoop is to start with their hand flat on the top of the hoop.  If they hold it, it’s very difficult to get them to release it at the right time to initiate the roll.  Once they roll their hand over the top and give the hoop some momentum then the hoop will balance itself and happily roll along for a short while.  Another tap and it will carry on.

Ultimately the children want to learn how to roll it with back spin on the hoop – I’m planning a master class for the adult for this as well!!!