Lisa the coach


0Z5A4427Coaches at Wimbledon on Tuesdays, Kew on Wednesdays and Hampton on Fridays.

Lisa says: “Even though the lessons are structured, the children often have their own ideas and each child is very different! So sometimes adapting comes into play to make sure that everyone’s enjoying what they’re doing (without necessarily realising that they are learning).

“It’s lovely to see one child that may have been reluctant to join in at the start, soon taking part and working with the other children.

“The progress can be subtle or, with the little ones especially, enormous, but being able to share that first solo step over a hurdle with the parents is a privilege.  Watching them keen to attack the obstacle course before the class has even started or hitting a target with learned accuracy is a real achievement and, as I like to have a giggle too, I sometimes let them use me as a target! It’s all learning, right?!”

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