Kathryn the coach


Coaches at Claygate on Wednesdays and Teddington on Fridays.

Kathryn has a daughter aged 9 and a son aged 7, both at primary school. She took a career break 3 1/2 years ago to enable her to spend more time with the children and to become more involved with the local school. She has been co-chair of the PTA, is currently a school governor and most of all loves going to help in class.

Kathryn has been a Catch-a-balls coach for just over a year in Claygate and Teddington. She says: ‘It is so rewarding to see the children with a smile on their face and achieving so much however big or small. They love the variety of equipment that we use, from balloons, scarves, hoops to colourful streamers and beanbags. Our lessons are well structured but above all fun. We aim to incorporate some catching, throwing, balancing and we even find time to look at colours and numbers.’Kathryn giving out the rackets

Kathryn loves teaching her classes and hopes you will come and join her!

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