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Coaches at East Molesey on Mondays, Twickenham on Thursdays and Rainbows Nurseries, Richmond on Fridays

I am the founder of Catch-a-balls.  With two girls, now teenagers, who were very keen on physical activities I became aware that there were  many football and rugby classes available for toddlers.  However, my girls didn’t want to play “boys” games.  So I trained to be a netball coach.  From doing this and working with children in primary school I realised that girls did enjoy running around and being part of a team, they just want to do it on their terms and not be shoe horned into “boys” sports.  So I looked into child development and devised Catch-a-balls suitable for boys and girls.

I firmly believe that life is about achieving a balance.  Whether that is work and play or art and science.  Everyone needs something that gives them a release, something that is fun and makes them feel good, and for many of us sport is just the thing.

Not everyone wants to play a ball sport, so Catch-a-balls also helps with balance and movement.  We look at combining skills, through this means children will be able to take on a sport of their choice when they are older.  It’s all about us adults giving them as many tools as possible to give them choices.

I love teaching Catch-a-balls as I just enjoy hearing what the children have to say for themselves and see them succeed, a catch or a throw is a great success for kids so it lovely to be with them when they do it.

The netball coach comes through; as many Mums have spotted that chest pass and bounce pass being practised in class will set many a player on the netball path.

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