No scruples over cheating here


At Catch-a-balls we try to coach children in our older classes how to do particular throws. We have strategies to encourage an overarm throw verses an underarm, however it will always make me smile at the number of time children find ways round it.

Parents sometimes fret that their child is determined to throw underarm no matter how high we hold a hoop to throw through. Or marvel at how their child was dead set on throwing overarm the week we were doing underarm, but now only seems to be able to throw underarm even though we are practicing overarm.

I have no solution to this issue, all I can really say is that we see it across all our classes.

The only thing I am very sure of is that children want to succeed, they know it pleases their Mummy and Daddy, it pleases the teacher but most of all it pleases themselves. Baring this in mind we adults must remember that kids have no scruples about “cheating” so will achieve the best result by employing any means and that just may not be an overarm throw.

From a coaches point of view the only way to deal with it is gentle reminders of what we are doing and a return to the beginning. In the meantime, here at Catch-a-balls, we continue to work on methods to outwit the children!