Frisbee throwing


Frisbee throwing is quite different from any other throw we teach at Catch-a-balls.  Whenever the frisbees come out in my classes all the adults now instinctively take cover, as you are never sure which way they are going to go!  But frisbees are huge fun.

Unlike the underarm or overarm throw ideally the child should stand side on.  This as a starter is quite confusing for the children so I tend to do a few practice throws with everyone face straight on.  It is important that the children put the fingers underneath the frisbee and their thumb on top.  It is best if the frisbee is kept flat which, of course, for toddlers is a very difficult concept, as anyone who has asked a child to carry a plate of biscuits from one room to another will know!!

Once the frisbee is in hand the child is asked to tap their other arm with the frisbee – this can involve some very twisted moves initially, but simply they should take their frisbee arm across their body.  Once we have tapped the other arm we fling, and that is the best word to describe it, the frisbee across the room.  Obviously that is when everyone runs for cover.

If the child can cope with standing side on that is great, then the fling can be forceful to propel the frisbee quite far.  I’m always amazed at how after just a few goes many children do get the frisbee to fly and it is very satisfying.

As a precaution all our frisbees are made of foam so no injuries are sustained.