Come on Ladies – lets do it


Happy New Year – hope it’s not too late to say that.  How are the new year resolutions coming on?

At Catch-a-balls we have many parents coming along saying that they want their child to grow up enjoying a healthy lifestyle including sport.  For a few of these parents it is part of their own life that they feel is inadequate – especially the women.  So when I came across the attached on Facebook it made me think of all of us who want to be more active but perhaps have a little something that is holding us back.  Take a look at the link, especially the behind the scenes bit, the women talk a little about why they enjoy the exercise that they are doing.  There are no models it is women like all of us that are enjoying exercise.  As a netball coach I particular love the netball ladies, they are very cool, made me look forward to my own regular fix.

Additionally, anyone looking for a regular bit of exercise I am a huge supporter of the Parkrun organisation who originally posted the above piece.  There are plenty of weekly 5km runs in the Richmond/Kingston area.  There are also monthly ones of just 2km for the kids or those of you not ready to take on the full 5km.  It doesn’t matter what time you do it in as there is always someone else running round with you.  It’s just you, your trainers and that 5km, do it in your own style!!!!