Club Catch

3 ½ years to 5 years

More independent learning

Catch-A-Balls Club Catch : boy with hoopIn these classes the benefits of practice really begin to show. The children will be confident in many areas of physical movement and language now, and still all the time they are gaining new skills.

Many children will be happy to throw a ball; however, accuracy will still be an issue. Equally the ability to catch a ball needs to be developed.

Combining skills

Catch-a-balls’ focus progresses now to the children’s fundamental movement skill. We teach the children how to catch using both hands and with one hand, additionally we will use a variety of balls, different weights and sizes. Without realising it the kids start to catch while on the move, equipping them to go on to enjoy a variety of ball sports.

The games and tasks that we use not only focus on how to handle a ball or racket, but also on why exercise is good for you and learning how their body moves. Additionally, we encourage the children to share and enjoy everybody’s achievements.

Ready for school

For many children in this age group they have started to attend a playgroup or nursery and confidence in their own abilities is growing. Therefore, at Catch-a-balls we encourage the children to join in with our coaches while their grown-ups take a well earned break on the sidelines.

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