Club Bounce

2 ½ years to 3 ½ years

Sport for Pre School children

Catch-A-Balls Club Bounce : Sport for pre-school childrenKids are much stronger now and chatting ten to the dozen. Keeping up with their high energy levels and inquisitiveness is sometimes a major challenge.

Young children’s physical abilities have improved so our activities incorporate balancing, running and jumping. At Catch-a-balls we challenge them with racquet skills, ball games and different equipment, such as scarves, bean bags, hoops and wobble balls – yes as the name suggests they don’t go where you expect.

The classes utilise their increasing strength and balance. They are required to jump and hop while controlling a ball; they also turn and balance whilst on the move.

It is wonderful to watch as they master these new skills over the term.

Ball skills for kids

Our programme incorporates ball skills with learning social skills. We encourage sharing and taking turns as well as focusing on the child’s individual skills.

We aim to keep classes fresh and interesting and being indoors it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. We incorporate learning colours and counting in many of our activities.

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