Club Boing

18 Months to 2 ½ Years

Catching and throwing classes

Catch-A-Balls Club Boing : catching and throwing classesAt this age toddlers have just mastered walking and the world is a fantastic place to explore. So now is a great time to show kids what they can do and we know from many studies that if children learn to handle a balls and different moves while young, they will be fully equipped to take on any sport they wish when older.

Fun Games

Through imaginative games and fun props children start to learn ball control particularly catching and throwing. We aim to enable the children to gain control while standing still and moving.

Additionally, as all ball sports call on many physical skills we challenge the children to move their bodies in a variety of ways, forwards/backwards, running/jumping and balancing/turning.

Parental involvement

Children love exploring new things and with the assistance of their grown-up and our Coaches we encourage the children to listen, watch and learn, focusing not only their ball skills but also colours and numbers.

Catch-a-balls catching and throwing classes provides a fun environment for you and your child. Over the year you will see your child’s confidence grow and you will have been part of it.

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