Pancake day


PRESS RELEASE – 14th January 2015 Teaching pre-schoolers racquet skills by tossing Pancakes! Catch-a-balls will be celebrating the week of Pancake Day by practicing tossing ‘pancakes’ in their classes. Instead of batter and frying pans, a racquet and rubber disk will be used. With children as young as 18 months, the practice starts…(Read More)

Happy New Year – hope it’s not too late to say that.  How are the new year resolutions coming on? At Catch-a-balls we have many parents coming along saying that they want their child to grow up enjoying a healthy lifestyle including sport.  For a few of these parents it is part of…(Read More)

When to start sport?


I was listening to Radio 5 Live last week and was very interested to catch a discussion about getting young people involved in sport.  Their focus was on teenagers, primarily girls of course, as this seems to be an incredibly difficult group to engage in physical activity.  The group in the studio and those calling…(Read More)

This week we have been challenging the children to throw a ball through a rolling hoop. Throughout my time coaching young children how to do an overarm or underarm throws it is always difficult to ensure that when they actually release the ball they do it either over their shoulder or past their knees. We…(Read More)

Stretching up high


Catch-a-balls is apple picking this week.  I know it doesn’t sound like a good catching game but really it has a great purpose.  We are trying to encourage the children to look up, reach up and take the ball at the highest point they can.  In another role I am a netball…(Read More)

After our summer break we are now back in the swing of things.  No more so than with the nurseries we work with.  Personally I love going into the nurseries.  The staff enjoy the sessions if no other reason than someone else is taking charge for a few minutes, but also hopefully, we are giving…(Read More)

So far so good, the children have broken up from school and the weather is still sunny!  With this in mind many of us will be planning trips to the park or beach.  It’s always worthwhile keeping a bag of useful activities in the boot of the car or in the bottom of the…(Read More)

I recently read an article about how children are finding it hard to concentrate nowadays and more kids are being labeled with ADHD or other attention disorders. It’s always been interesting to me whether these things are a modern phenomenon, or did previous generations have such conditions and just not a name for it…(Read More)

At Catch-a-balls we try to coach children in our older classes how to do particular throws. We have strategies to encourage an overarm throw verses an underarm, however it will always make me smile at the number of time children find ways round it. Parents sometimes fret that their child is determined to…(Read More)

Well we’re all back after the half term holidays, the summer break feels a long way away, never mind, the sun will surely shine soon. At Catch-a-balls we are bringing out the racquets this week. Somehow these are always rewarding for the children. There is nothing like a good strike of a…(Read More)