We’ve been having fun with our time-lapse videos in a couple of Club BOING classes.  Here we are doing out warm up and the obstacle course in Club BOING.  We’ll improve the camera work on the next ones…(Read More)

Frisbee throwing


Frisbee throwing is quite different from any other throw we teach at Catch-a-balls.  Whenever the frisbees come out in my classes all the adults now instinctively take cover, as you are never sure which way they are going to go!  But frisbees are huge fun. Unlike the underarm or overarm throw ideally the…(Read More)

catch-a-balls girl with hoop

Rolling hoops


At Catch-a-balls we really enjoy working with the children to improve their hand eye co-ordination in conjunction with their movement skills.  Anyone who plays sport knows that there is always a combination of skills to be mastered in order to play well. Something that we have found to be fun and great…(Read More)

Take on the challenge


Challenges are very important to us in life.  They are a great measure of what we can do for ourselves or as a team.  By it’s very nature a challenge should be something we don’t know we can achieve – otherwise is it a challenge?? I’ve been watching Eddie Izzard’s amazing 27…(Read More)

It’s been a while since we did any posts so here’s to a new term and more articles on catching and throwing. Parents come to us with little ones of about 18 month – 2 years and claim that their child just won’t throw.  They get hold of a ball and that’s…(Read More)

Teaching children to catch can sometimes be a little frustrating.  However, having worked with pre schoolers for a while we have found a couple of good strategies to help. Don’t start from a high point.  Young children especially those under 2 do not track upwards.  Anything above their natural eye line just isn’t…(Read More)

We work with local enterprises and recently Hearts Nannies in Molesey came along to one of our sessions in Thames Ditton to see what Catch-a-balls was all about. Take a look at their website to see their review of our class.…(Read More)

Catch-a-balls has an article in this months Families Upon Thames magazine.  Here is it or alternatively you can go to Families website to see it in all it’s glory.   Research shows that children who develop good sporting skills enjoy sport more and are more active than those who don’t acquire…(Read More)

Catch-a-Balls classes in Rainbows Nursery Richmond Nursery case study Catch-a-balls and the Rainbows Nursery in Richmond have been working together for 4 years. We run a weekly 30 to 45 minute classes in 3 of their venues. The nursery environment is great for a sports activity as it gets all the…(Read More)